The Nebraska Game and Parks Commissioners on Oct. 26 approved fishing regulations that will be valid Jan. 1, 2013 through Dec. 31, 2014.

The regulation changes are:

  • All possession limits corresponding to special daily bag and length limits are deleted so only one statewide possession limit exists for each species. That possession limit is at least equal to the highest daily bag limit allowed for the species.
  • “Statewide” now refers to inland waters and waters of the Missouri River with regard to limits.
  • Only one daily bag limit may be taken by all legal methods combined.
  • Trout – The Sutherland Supply Canal below Lake Ogallala to Sutherland Reservoir is an exception to the statewide restriction limiting the daily bag limit to one trout longer than 16 inches. Anglers may harvest five trout of any size from the canal; the statewide possession limit is increased to12.
  • Black Bass – The statewide daily bag and possession limits are standardized to five and 10, respectively; the following are added to the list of waters with 21-inch minimum length limits: Archway Lakes, Central City Lake, Arnold Lake, CenturyLink Lake, Crystal Lake, Lake Helen and Victoria Springs Lake.
  • Striped Bass, White Bass and Wiper – Only one fish longer than 16 inches may be allowed in the daily bag limit statewide; Zorinsky Lake no longer is catch-and-release.
  • Channel Catfish – The daily bag limit is increased to 10 for rivers, streams and canals, and it remains at five for standing water; the statewide possession limit is increased to 20.
  • Flathead Catfish – Fort Kearny State Recreation Area (SRA) Lake No. 2, Two Rivers SRA Lake Nos. 3 and 4, Wildwood Wildlife Management Area (WMA) Lake and Windmill SRA Lake No. 3 are catch-and-release.
  • Blue Catfish – Fort Kearny SRA Lake No. 2, Two Rivers SRA Lake Nos. 3 and 4, Wildwood WMA Lake and Windmill SRA Lake No. 3 are catch-and-release.
  • Walleye, Sauger and Saugeye – The protected slot limit of 18 to 24 inches at Elwood Reservoir is rescinded; Elwood is added to the list of waters where the daily bag limit may include one fish 15-18 inches in length and three longer than 18 inches or four longer than 18 inches, with no more than one fish 22 inches or longer.
  • Northern Pike – Lake Wanahoo and Glenn Cunningham Lake are catch-and-release.
  • Snapping Turtles – Daily bag and possession limits decreased to five and 10, respectively; snapping turtles may not be sold, offered for sale, traded or bartered; legal traps may be used on private property.
  • Bow and Arrow Fishing and Snagging – The application period for paddlefish archers and snaggers is decreased to two weeks; archers and snaggers may process harvested paddlefish down to two whole fillets upon leaving the Missouri River. The closed paddlefish tag and paddlefish permit must remain with the fillets.
  • Underwater Spearfishing – Fishing for game fish runs from June 1 through Dec. 31 in private lakes; spear guns may be attached to a float or buoy using any length of line.
  • Set Lines, Limb Lines and Ice-Fishing – Replace “float lines” with “jug lines” to avoid confusion with underwater spearfishing float lines.
  • Special Areas – Possession and use of live baitfish is not allowed at Arnold Lake, Iron Horse Trail Lake, North Platte I-80 Lake and Victoria Springs Lake.

Logo courtesy Nebraska Game and Parks Commission

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