Anglers Can Earn More With Triton Gold

Triton Boats, LLC (“Triton”), a leading manufacturer of fiberglass fishing boats, announces a lucrative contingency program for anglers and co-anglers that fish the Cabela’s National Walleye Trail.

Anglers that enter the NWT that are current Triton Gold members are eligible to win bonus money in the winner’s circle. If an angler wins the event, and is a Triton Gold member, he/she will win an extra $10,000. This is on top of the projected winnings in the tournament.

Along with the new contingency program, Triton enters the season as a new sponsor for the Cabela’s NWT events. The sponsorship of the series gives anglers and co-anglers the opportunity to benefit from Triton’s angler-based programs.

“We are extremely excited about the Triton Contingency payout and new sponsorship with the Cabela’s NWT,” said Triton Founder Earl Bentz. “This gives anglers in the Triton Gold program an opportunity to cash in on the good fortune of winning an event. The lucrative payout not only benefits the first place angler, but also benefits anglers that finish in the top 20.”

Anglers that are registered in the Triton Gold program that finish in 2nd to 10th place have the opportunity to win an extra $1,000 in cash while 11th through 20th can earn $500 in extra winnings. The top co-angler has the ability to win $1,500 through the Triton Contingency Program with Cabela’s NWT.

The Triton Gold registration fee is $100 for the year and runs January 1st thru December 31st, 2012.  When anglers join Triton Gold, they will receive a customized Triton Gold Tournament Jersey, Triton Gold visor, Triton Gold hat and two Triton Gold decals, valued at over $150.

*For more information about the Triton Gold program and the rules visit

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