Regulations regarding the trapping and hunting of hogs that were adopted by the Louisiana Wildlife and Fisheries Commission (LWFC) are now in effect.  The regulations are authorized by a change in state law that allows year-round trapping of hogs under rules recommended by the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries and promulgated by the LWFC.

Under the new rules, feral hogs may be trapped year-round.  Persons who use snares to capture feral hogs must have a valid Louisiana trapping license.  Persons who use cage or corral traps must have a valid Louisiana hunting license.  It is required that all cage or corral traps have an opening in the top that measures 22 inches by 22 inches or larger or 25 inches in diameter or larger.

The required opening in the top of hog traps will allow black bears that are inadvertently captured in a hog trap to escape.  Persons setting hog traps without the required opening are subject to citation and seizure of the trap.

Although not required by the regulations, the department advises trappers not to use snares in areas where bears are present.  Several bears have been captured in snares intended for feral hog or coyotes.  Trappers are advised instead to use foot-hold traps for coyotes and cage or corral traps for hogs in these areas.  If snares are used, it is strongly recommended that trappers use snares with a relaxing lock and breakaway device rated for 350 lbs. or less. For more information on using snares in areas occupied by bears, visit .

For questions concerning trapping hogs, contact any private lands biologist at an LDWF field office. For questions about the hog trapping regulations, contact Fred Kimmel at 225-765-2355 or

Image courtesy Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries

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