I’ll update this periodically as the power allows.

6:00 PM EST.

As I’m sitting here in New York, I have serious doubts I’ll be able to finish this piece soon enough for you to be able to read it. That’s because Hurricane Sandy and the reported 50+ mile per hour winds (the highest we’ve seen in this area so far) just sent the better part of a tree into my neighbor’s garage. More trees are sure follow suit.

In the time it took me to take the picture my face was coated in ice cold water.  A good portion of NYC is flooded already. The winds are causing my house to shimmy back and forth like it’s too nervous to ask me out on a date.

I’m starting to wonder how much glass will shift back and forth before it cracks.

As of right now 765,000 in people in seven states have already lost power, so I am one of the lucky ones.

Huge storm surges have sent tides  11 feet higher than normal through east coast neighborhoods.

My roommates and I have stocked up on enough fresh water to last a few days.

Mass transit shut down early this afternoon. We made one last run to retrieve a friend who lives in a basement apartment in the Bronx (a flood zone) just before two O’clock. She left her cats with enough food to last several days and access to an upstairs room.

The Chicago Tribune says that sustained winds will come close to 100 mph in some areas and the streets could be under several feet of water. If that happens I’ll be able to look out my window and watch cars float down our street, which is usually full of traffic and booming stereos, but has been silent for almost approaching 48 hours now.

Maryland Governor Martin O’Mally told Fox News “The days ahead are going to be very difficult. There will be people who die and are killed in this storm.”

I know that he’s right and even though I’ve got enough food and water to last for a few days I can’t help but think I’m the grasshopper in this race.

How prepared can you be for disaster?

That’s it for now. I’m posting this and I’m glad you’ll be able to read it. I’ll try and keep you updated as long as possible.

Map Image is a screenshot courtesy ABCNews on youtube. Photograph was taken by Benjamin T. Lambright

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