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North American Hunting Club, the premier community for hunters and outdoor enthusiasts, is pleased to present the FREE Mossy Oak Hunting Weather App, powered by ScoutLook, is now available to smartphone users.  Just in time for the hunting season, this new app features map-based weather, solunar, and popular ScentCone wind tool that help hunters decide where, when and how to hunt. And thanks to North American Media Group and Mossy Oak, this new app is FREE! View a brief video on all Scoutlook apps on huntingclub.com here.

“This is a hunting weather app like we’ve never seen before,” said Rick Dow, Chief Branding Officer at North American Media Group. “ScoutLook is ‘weathermen who hunt’, and the only major weather service we know of that is owned by hunters. They know what we need and are delivering big time by integrating data our members care about.”

“North American Media Group and Mossy Oak made this free version of our original app possible and we’re proud of our association with them. The new app remains a world-class resource with location based weather details integrated with solunar, moon, tides, wind maps and other tools, so hunters get important information right at their treestand or duck blind, not just their zip code,” said Cy Weichert, co-founder of ScoutLook weather.

Available for iPhone and Android based phones, the Mossy Oak Hunting Weather app is map-based to bring users weather details including radar, wind activity, solunar times, lunar phase, hourly barometric changes, and other information hunters can’t live without before heading afield.  Hunters can save their favorite stand or hunting spot locations for quick reference anytime, and manage them or create new spots from a free account at scoutlookweather.com. It’s easy!

ScentConeTM and SetZoneTM wind tools are the first of their kind, delivering visually mapped wind speed and direction for users’ tree stands and duck blinds hourly for 72 hours. Download the app, create a free private account at the Login screen, and go.  The Mossy Oak Hunting Weather app is ready when and where you are.

ScoutLookweather.com in the only major weather service that is owned and operated solely by hunters and fishermen. ScoutLook is a free online service providing pinpoint, map-based weather details, wind map tools, solunar times, lunar phase, tides, hourly barometric changes, and a log book to help hunters decide where, when and how best to hunt or fish. Log in from your app or online and get all you need to know from one resource before heading out.

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Image courtesy BulletProof Communications/North American Hunter

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