San Antonio, Texas – Second place.

Second place is a win over all but one. Over all who choose to show, choose to compete, and choose to stand forth for judgment.

For those who took part in NRA’s Tactical Police Competition at the Blackhawk Shooting Range in San Antonio, there were two second place finishers — one for the Tactical Division and one for the Patrol. We’ll go with the Patrol first.

Second place in Patrol went to Jack Ragsdale of the Tampa Police Department. A longtime veteran of the Tactical competitions, Ragsdale shot along side his wife Judy — as he does at most of these events. Ragsdale was well within reach of the Patrol title until course #3 and 4. Those two stages saw him fall a good 45 points below the eventual winner. Pushing on, we was able to recover and come within two points of the win.

Second in Tactical fell to Mark Miller of the U.S. Border Patrol. Mark was extremely quick on a number of stages — especially #1 — until he came to course #4. That’s where he practically doubled the winner’s stage #4 numbers. Despite that stumble, he was still far enough enough to finish three points ahead of number three.

We’ll be bringing you more from the stages and winners circle in the coming weeks.

Why the funny colors? You should see what the San Antonio sun does to your color palette when setting. Suffice to say, I went with a black and white tint in hopes of giving these gentlemen their due while throwing a little artistic license your way.

Images courtesy NRA Blog

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