A fox in England likely took the advice of Pinocchio’s Jiminy Cricket to heart. With conscience as his guide, the faux thief nabbed a woman’s purse, then shamefully returned it a few minutes later. Why? Nobody knows.

Anna Clark, 35, and her husband Jeremy Clark , 38 were standing in their driveway headed to the hospital when a fox sauntered up to the couple, let out a feeble yelp, then made a move for the purse. “Next thing I knew he had my wife’s handbag in his mouth and was running towards the bushes,” Jeremy told The Argus.

Jeremy yelled at the fox, who ran into the bushes. Just minutes later, the fox came back to the couple, like a guilty dog who knows he’s done wrong, and dropped the purse near Anna’s feet before he ran off again. The couple had seen the fox before, but it had never gotten so close to them.

Foxes are notorious for stealing anything and being an accomplice in a getaway, albeit the second stereotype is more common in fiction.

In 2009, hundreds of shoes were found near a fox’s den in the small German town of Foehren. Three months ago, another German fox supposedly helped a kangaroo escape from a zoo in Frankfurt.

Image from Neil McIntosh (Harlequeen) on the flickr Creative Commons

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