Henry Repeating Arms’ Bayonne, New Jersey facility suffered significant damage from hurricane Sandy. The company’s corporate headquarters is a 109,000 sf facility which sits on 3 acres located directly on the Bayonne waterfront. Presently without electricity, telephone and email service, Henry Repeating Arms asks that its distributors and dealers refrain from attempting to contact them, nor ship any firearms to the Bayonne facility, until the company notifies them that they are once again operational.

Anthony Imperato, President and owner of the company states “We took one on the chin, but our great employees will get us through this and soon have us back on our feet”. He feels that If PSE&G, the NJ electricity provider, gets power to the plant sometime during the week of November 5th, that Henry should be operational the week of November 12th.

Image courtesy Henry Repeating Arms

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One thought on “Hurricane Hits Henry Repeating Arms

  1. What is the picture supposed to portray, that the facility is rubble? Why not show a picture of the damage to the facility as well? Based on the article, it sounds like they are just without power and maybe there is some external property damage . . .

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