The high-tech manufacturing capabilities of BowTech Archery will be highlighted on the Science Channel’s How It’s Made at 9 p.m. ET on November 15th, showcasing to the world how the company designs and constructs the industry’s best hunting bows.

The show, filmed at the BowTech’s headquarters and manufacturing facility in Eugene, Ore., features the manufacturing process of a high-tech hunting bow from concept through production and testing. Re-airs will occur throughout the winter and spring.

How It’s Made showcases only the best of the best in innovative manufacturing, so BowTech was proud to open our facility to the production crew for several days last year,” said Samuel Coalson, Director of Marketing for BowTech. “We are the leaders in the archery industry at developing and implementing new technologies to improve our bows, and we’re happy to share a few of those details with archery enthusiasts who tune in to the show.”

Included in the episode are details about the materials used in production, processes that give the bows their flexibility and durability and information on how they are tested before being shipped to archery dealers.

Logo courtesy Alday Communications/Bowtech

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