A new round of “Roy’s Insider Tips” video segments are in the works from FMG Publications. The growing popularity of this current online series featuring American Handgunner Publisher Roy Huntington encompasses an extensive array of safe gun-handling techniques — ranging from how to safely unload a variety of handguns to debunking the myths of miracle bullets and one-shot stops.

“We’re all amazed with the response to our ongoing series of ‘Insider Tips’ videos,” says Huntington. “It seems readers and shooters of all skill levels appreciate our no-baloney take on gun safety, basics of firearm handling, gun cleaning and the rest of our growing video library. So naturally, we wanted to continue adding to it!”

This next round of videos concentrates on long guns, including bolt-actions, AR-style rifles, tube-fed magazine designs and over-under configurations. According to Huntington, the focus on long guns was a deliberate decision.

“While our first round of videos provided basic handgun-handling techniques, readers of American Handgunner and our other publications also enjoy shooting long guns. So it makes sense for us to continue our ‘Insider Tips’ series as a fast and fun way to bring people up to speed when it comes to operating a variety of long guns.”

Other upcoming topics include how to load and unload magazines for both rifles and handguns and the important elements of the Standard Draw.

“We hope to reach more shooters with all skill levels and interest types,” explains Huntington. “Of course we want to reach out to those who are looking for safe gun-handling techniques, but we also want these ‘Insider Tips’ videos to be effective reminders for experienced shooters. This video library offers a great resource for introducing friends and loved ones to guns and shooting sports as well.”

To watch the weekly release of these concise videos and to see the rest of the burgeoning library, visit the American Handgunner website: www.americanhandgunner.com/insider-tips.

Image courtesy FMG Publications

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