Taurus, the world’s foremost manufacturer of firearms congratulates pro-shooter Jessie Duff on her recent wins in both the Ladies’ Limited and Open divisions at the 2012 Steel Challenge World Championships in Frostproof, Florida.

The Steel Challenge (World Speed Shooting Championships) has become one of the most prestigious titles to earn, whereas it’s champions are crowned the fastest shooters in the world!

With many divisions available for shooters to compete, Jessie entered in the Limited (Iron Sighted division), Open (Optics division), and .22 Open (Rimfire Optics division). By shooting in these three divisions, Duff was eligible for the Steel Master title, a highly coveted championship, ultimately clenching her 4th consecutive World Steel Master title.

Jessie competed with her new Taurus 1911 single stack 9mm in the Limited division this year, winning the Ladies’ Limited title, and coming within 4 seconds of the Ladies’ Limited World Record.  “I was very excited to debut my new competition Taurus,” recalls Jessie, “and after my practices knew that it would shoot great, but to come within 4 seconds of the Ladies’ Limited World record was a wonderful and unexpected finish!”

Open division is considered the “Race” division of the match. The times are always considerably faster, due to the optics on the guns. The competition is very strong in this class for both men and women, and the male and female overall match winners come from this division. Jessie won the Ladies’ Open with a score of 99.90 seconds, placing her 17th overall against the Men’s Open division.  “I always enjoy shooting the Open division because it is just so much faster! But, with the increased speed I still have to maintain consistency and control, because the competition is so fierce. It’s an honor to have done so well against the ladies that competed, because they are the best in the world!”  Jessie reflects about her preparation, “Training for Steel Challenge is very demanding, and requires countless hours on the range. Trying to balance my time between three-guns becomes a challenge within itself, so to be fortunate enough to have won the Ladies’ Steel Master title is something I’m very proud to have accomplished!”

Image courtesy Steel Challenge Shooting Association

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3 thoughts on “Taurus’ Jessie Duff Crowned 2012 Steel Challenge Ladies Steel Master

  1. It is so awesome to see women taking a greater part in the shooting sports. I remember shooting with a female shooter on our LSU rifle team back in the 60’s and she was a match stopper AND. A fantastic shooter. Go for it girl and I love my Taurus 1911 also?

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