Polar bears are known as some of the most merciless land predators on earth, but you wouldn’t think that’s the case when watching this video. Mark Dumas, an animal trainer for the entertainment industry, has owned and trained an 800-pound polar bear named Agee since 1995, when the bear was just a cub. Agee has appeared in numerous commercials and the movie Alaska during her career. Dumas, 60, and his wife Dawn run the company Beyond Just Bears which trains animals like bears, cougars, wolves and deer for movies, TV and advertisement appearances.

Despite the friendly interactions between the two on camera, don’t think just anyone can go swimming with Agee. Dumas has been working with bears for 40 years and still has to read Agee’s body language to know how to behave safely.


Image from Brian Snelson (exfordy) on the flickr Creative Commons

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