KHM Arms, LLC officially changed their company name and website address this month as part of their new strategic marketing plan.  The online discount hunting and shooting gear website officially re-opened in August under the company name KMH Arms, LLC.  The new site features competitively priced products and professional firearms training from certified instructors. is now offering the company’s own version of an economic stimulus by repealing shipping costs on all orders over $200.00.

The name change to KMH Arms Group LLC was conceived by the founders, Kevin Kirkconnell, Mark Shipp, and Harold Heard to better communicate their commitment to the support of the 2nd Amendment.  Kevin, Mark and Harold are not only the founders of the business but are actively developing and running the online store and training courses.  This hands-on approach to providing excellence in products, services and training is also inherent in the new company name using the first initial of each of the founder’s first name.

“Unlike many online businesses where the personal touch is lost to the customer, we at KMH Arms stand behind our business and want every customer to have an enjoyable shopping experience. Everything we offer from our products, services, training, our blogs and reviews are a direct reflection of our beliefs and support of every law abiding citizen’s right to keep and bear arms. We are Kevin, Mark, and Harold; and we are KMH Arms.”

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Image courtesy Laura Burgess Marketing/KMH Arms

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One thought on “KMH Arms, LLC Changes Company Name to Better Reflect Company Philosophy

  1. This is a stupid story. It tells us what the new name of a company is, but doesn’t tell us what the old name was. How am I supposed to know who these guys are if i don’t have an old name to relate it to?

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