Most people reading this could safely unload an over/under shotgun while blindfolded. What about a spouse, relative or neighbor? The latest addition to the popular “Roy’s Insider Tips” video series from FMG Publications provides a simple, foolproof method for unloading virtually any over/under shotgun. According to American Handgunner Publisher Roy Huntington, this how-to video represents an important part of safe gun-handling.

“The first thing any shooter needs to learn is how to ‘make-safe’ the firearms they come across. Readers often ask us specific, important questions about basic gun-handling skills, which prompted the ‘Insider Tips’ video series,” Huntington reveals. “Our latest online video on how to safely unload an over/under shotgun expands this concept of basic, how-to information readers are asking about.”

This video marks a continuation of an online video series devoted to unloading various long guns, complementing the growing “Roy’s Insider Tips” video library that has covered a range of safe gun-handling topics.

Huntington says the purpose of this video is to make sure inquisitive readers have a reliable reference available to them for any questions regarding unloading an over/under shotgun safely.

“Chances are good if you have access to an over/under shotgun, either you come across one at a gun store or a friend hands you one, then you’ll realize this over/under configuration is usually manipulated in a few simple steps that are very similar from model to model,” declares Huntington. “Although this video doesn’t take the place of training, it will at least be a good resource to encourage safe gun-handling and how to safely unload virtually any over/under shotgun.”

To watch this how-to video, along with the entire “Roy’s Insider Tips” online video library, visit the American Handgunner website:

Image courtesy FMG Publications

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