Flextone Game Calls Sponsors Bullets & Broadheads on the Sportsmans Channel


Flextone Game Calls, an industry leader in natural and effective game calls announces the sponsorship of Bullets & Broadheads TV in 2013.  Bullets & Broadheads can be found on the Sportsman Channel.

Flextone Game Calls is proud to partner with shows that endorse family values and instill hunting ethics and habits that bring families together.   Bullets & Broadheads TV is a family-oriented outdoor show hosted by the Hendrick family.  The Hendrick family includes Michael, Sonia and Michael J who are all avid hunters.  Michael is the driving force behind Bullets & Broadheads.  He has qualified for Boone & Crocket and Pope & Young, including a non-typical Texas state record whitetail buck.  Sonia is a supportive wife and mother who can hold her own in the field with the big boys.  Michael J has already qualified for Pope & Young, Boone & Crockett and Trophy Game Records of the World.  He organizes hunts for ducks, deer, goose, prairie dog and dove for his peers.  The Hendrick family wants to encourage viewers to spend time with their family and friends in the great outdoors.  They’ve spent numerous years donating their time to promoting the hunting industry and continue to do so through Bullets & Broadheads.  For more information and viewing times for Bullets & Broadheads TV, please visit www.bulletsnbroadheads.com.

Flextone Game Calls are designed with a soft, flexible passage chamber to mimic the anatomy of mammals and birds to produce truer, more natural sounds.  Flextone has a full line of deer, predator, turkey and waterfowl calls using this patented technology.  The more natural sounding the call, the more animals will respond to it and the more success you will have in the field.  Flextone Game calls are nature designed and Flextone engineered.  Check out their new products for 2013!

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