With the end of deer season coming on Saturday, Nov.24, the Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife wants to remind hunters about the importance of being safe in the woods.

As stated in the MDIFW 2012-2013 Hunting Law Book, target identification is required.

A hunter may not shoot at a target without at that point in time being certain that the target is in fact the wild animal or wild bird being sought.

MDIFW also offers the following advice:

A reasonable and safe hunter is one who:

  • Bears the risk of losing legitimate prey to avoid the risk of causing human injury or death
  • Does not base identification on sound alone or sound combined with what appears to be an appendage of a wild animal or bird
  • Does base identification on getting an essentially unobstructed view of the head and torso of a potential target

Hunters are also reminded to always wear two pieces of hunter orange that are in good condition and to always keep the muzzle of a firearm pointed in a safe direction.

Hunters who follow these and other safety precautions will be doing their part to keep themselves and others in the woods out of danger.

For more information on hunter safety, visit www.mefishwildlife.com.

Image courtesy Maine Department of Inland Fisheries and Wildlife

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