At the start of the New Year MGM Targets will be available through the World’s Foremost Outfitter, Cabela’s. Jim Potter, National Sales Manager for MGM Targets, announced from the company’s headquarters in Caldwell, ID, “We are very pleased to announce that as of the first of the year MGM Targets will be available through one of the finest Sports Outfitters in the nation, Cabela’s.”

MGM Targets has been selling product through Midway and Brownell’s for a few years. They also sell through several wholesalers; RSR, Gene Sears Supply, Williams Shooters’ Supply and many retail establishments across the United States. Potter stated, “It is working with these distributors that we have been able to build our business and solidify our position as the number one portable steel target manufacturer in the United States. We are in negotiations with several other big box sporting goods chains and wholesalers. We feel confident that this type of distribution is what a lot of our customers are looking for and that both the end user and distributors are looking for American made targets that hold up under the test of time.”

Pictured above is one of the targets that will be offered at Cabela’s. This is one of the newest MGM .22 caliber targets known as the Football Target. This target can be shot simultaneously in a man on man with one shooter hitting the top target and the second shooter hits the bottom. The target traverses the grooved rod travelling to one side or the other until it reaches the end zone. It can also be engaged by two competitors shooting one shot at a time until the end zone is reached. It can also be handicapped to give a less experienced shooter an even chance to win against a more experienced shooter.

Image courtesy MGM Targets

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