Because of the enduring popularity of lever-action rifles, they are among the first rifles new shooters are introduced to. As a result, the latest online video from the “Roy’s Insider Tips” series tackles the subject of how to safely unload these popular rifles.

Produced by FMG Publications and hosted by American Handgunner Publisher Roy Huntington, this online video series offers an excellent how-to resource for those looking to introduce their friends and loved ones to safe gun-handling.

“Lever-action rifles are iconic American rifles. With, literally, millions of lever-actions manufactured by companies like Marlin, Winchester, Rossi and others, the odds of finding one in a family closet or gun rack is very likely,” declares Huntington. “While these interesting rifles pose no problem for the experienced gun-handler, what if a new shooter comes across one?”

This fresh addition to the “Roy’s Insider Tips” online video library aims to answer any prevailing questions new shooters may have concerning how to unload lever-action rifles. According to Huntington, this video can also prove useful for those looking to enhance their own gun-handling attributes.

“Knowing how to safely unload a lever-action rifle might be something new to many,” says Huntington. “Our recent ‘Insider Tips’ video covering how to ‘make-safe’ a lever-action rifle is a must-watch for new shooters and anyone needing to brush up on gun-handling skills.”

To view this how-to video, along with the entire “Roy’s Insider Tips” online video library, visit the American Handgunner website:

Image courtesy FMG Publications

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