Bull elk rifle hunt permits will not be extended under any circumstances

An Associated Press article released today with a Flagstaff dateline incorrectly stated that bull elk hunters “…who come up empty-handed after a week will have their hunts extended.”

That statement is inaccurate. The season for bull elk rifle hunts begins this week, and contrary to incorrect information issued by news and other media outlets today, no extensions of any hunt permits will be available under any circumstances.

Television, radio, newspaper and online news outlets in Flagstaff, Phoenix and elsewhere in Arizona picked up the incorrect information regarding the bull elk hunts and included it in online postings and news reports. News outlets statewide are, or already have, removed the incorrect information, but the Arizona Game and Fish Department is issuing this clarification to be sure that misinformation is corrected and is not passed along.

To reiterate, hunters are advised that NO EXTENSIONS will be available under any circumstances for elk hunt permits, regardless of whether or not their hunts are successful.

Logo courtesy Arizona Game and Fish

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