Easton Technical Products, the industry leader in innovative arrows and archery equipment, announces that their line of hunting arrows has won the Bowhunt America 2013 Gear-of-the-Year Gold award. Bowhunt America recently surveyed archery consumers all across the country and asked them to answer the question, “What products proved to perform the best?”  They responded to that question in 25 different archery product categories with Gear-of-the-Year honors going to the brands receiving the most votes. The goal is to recognize which products are the ones hunters prefer from their own experience and field usage.  For 2013 readers have selected Easton as their go-to arrow brand.

Easton has spent years in their hunting product R&D toward the development of low-friction, deeper penetrating products, like FMJ, AXIS and new Deep Six Injexion. These innovative micro diameter products have more kinetic density and shoot with lower friction. It’s these physical improvements that translate to more lethal results for hunters in the field.  For this reason, Easton arrows have won over bowhunters worldwide. “Penetration of these arrows is just amazing!” one survey respondent said of his Easton arrows. “This award represents an outstanding accomplishment with archery consumers nationwide,” Bowhunt America said, congratulating Easton on their full line of micro diameter hunting arrows.

Gary Cornum, Marketing Manager for Easton comments, “It is a privilege to receive such an award.  Easton takes great pride and puts hard work into the design and manufacturing of our arrows.  We thank all who voted for us in the Bowhunt America 2013 Gear of the Year Awards and will continue to bring the most innovative technology in archery made-in-USA equipment to the hunting industry”.

A formal announcement of all 2013 Gear of the Year winners was made in a feature article in the Bowhunt America 2012 Whitetail Guide.  In that issue, readers saw and read about all of the products they voted on to be the 2013 Gear of the Year winners.  For more information on the 2013 Gear of the Year awards or to view the list of winners, visit bowhuntamerica.com.

Image courtesy Easton

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