An online petition is asking the White House to label the National Rifle Association (NRA), Safari Club International (SCI), Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation (RMEF) and other sportsmen’s organizations “domestic terrorist groups.”

The petition, created on November 20 on the White House’s petitions portal We the People, accuses the “anti-predatory animal organizations” of “decimating predators to the brink of extinction.” Specifically, the petition states:

Groups like Lobo Watch, Big Game Forever, Idaho Anti-Wolf Coalition, Rocky Mountain Elk Foundation, NRA, Safari Club, etc., are a menace in our midst. Not only do many of them want our native predators like bears, wolves, wild cats, and the like decimated to the brink of extinction, but some of them have the nerve to harass, threaten, and downright intimidate anyone who dares to oppose them, even the government. And they’ve got some powerful people in their corner, too. They throw their mammoth monetary weight around, and think they can buy their way into power in America and put down anyone who’s got a backbone and might provide resistance. It’s time to put these groups in their place and strike them down. Time to protect our carnivorous wildlife from those who seek to decimate them!

The petition has been called “loony” and “ridiculous” by the organizations it seeks to defame.

“It’s a stupid petition. Plain and simple. But, it does give hunters insight into the mindset of the anti-hunting extremists and the extent that are willing to go to in their determined effort to dismantle our hunting heritage,” says J.R. Robbins, managing editor of “There is in fact no single group that has done more for wildlife in this country than hunters. We pay for wildlife conservation through the licenses, permits, and stamps we buy. If hunting were banned, as these radicals want, where would the funding come from for habitat work? Land acquistion? Predator and disease control? Research? Wildlife management is a science in which hunters and fishermen pay a key role–and pay to do so.”

“The NRA has always actively supported science-based wildlife management using regulated hunting,” added Darren LaSorte, manager of hunting policy for the NRA-ILA (Institute for Legislative Action). “Loony threats from radical anti-hunting organizations will not change this. The fact of the matter is that America’s sportsmen are most responsible for the restoration of countless species, including predators. […] It will be interesting to see if the petition is amended to include every state and federal wildlife agency in the country since they all promote the management of predator populations through regulated hunting and trapping.”

Safari Club International Foundation (SCI Foundation) expressed their disappointment with the petition as well.

“Our hope is that the American public sees past these absurd attacks, and recognizes that wildlife management is based on science,” said Melissa Simpson, SCI Foundation Director of Science Based Conservation. “Hunters are the lifeblood of conservation funding in the U.S.A, and around the world. […] SCI Foundation has spent millions of dollars in North America conducting predator-prey dynamics research, which is being used across the continent to determine appropriate harvest methodology; all based in defined science.”

No single animal rights group has been identified to be behind the petition. At the time of publication, 518 people have signed, but the petition needs 25,000 signatures by December 20 to even be considered by the White House.

Image from Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources on the flickr Creative Commons

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10 thoughts on “Online Petition Wants NRA, RMEF and SCI Declared “Domestic Terrorist Groups”

  1. Here it comes! Future legislation: A $30 per box ammo tax. Phase out grocery store meat departments. Outlaw lead, copper and steel. Make rifle scopes illegal. Ban semi-auto firearms. Impose a $500 tax on every deer taken. Require every hunter to wear an electronic device that emits a 90db shriek every 10 seconds to scare game away. Print pictures, names, addresses and phone numbers of every purchaser of a firearm or hunting license. Ban reloading. Put all taxidermists in prison. Outlaw gunsmithing. Require all pregnant conservative women to abort their first 6 fetuses to provide food for California condors.

  2. What country in Africa just banned all hunting? These idiot’s need to move over there, then maybe they’ll get turned into Lion shit.

  3. Shame it probably won’t get passed. Hunting an animal is both barbaric and pathetic. The only hunting that should be done is with a camera. Filming and taking pictures of wildlife is far better and more rewarding than taking a life of an animal that does not have an equal chance of survival against a gun. Predator prey relationships are equal. Not one sided.

  4. I hunt deer, turkey, and feral hogs, but I must admit it kind of irks me when my neighbor shoots mountain lions or goes hunting solely to find the most beautiful and magnificent animal of a species to kill a “trophy.” That is not what I believe to be “management.” There is a real difference in hunting for meat and wildlife management as opposed to just the thrill of killing.

  5. NRA: “If you’re against us, you’re stupid.” It is this mentality that is putting more assault rifles on the streets. The members of the NRA don’t understand that they are being manipulated by the gun industry (NRA).

  6. Why not outlaw abortions? Isn’t that murdering children? Taxpayers fund 350,000 deaths a year and no one says anything? Get real. Stop those murders first.
    Abortion is not a form of birth control.

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