Warden Bryan Lockman of New London worked with the New London Middle School and put on a daylong Outdoor Skills Program to twenty 6th graders. He covered Outdoor Survival Tools, Shelter Building, Fire Starting, Tree Identification, Predator/Prey and other outdoor skills.

Warden Judi Nigbor of Montello handled a call of two bucks with their antlers locked together south of Montello. Both bucks were alive. Nigbor contacted the landowner and had him assist with the deer. After discussing it with the landowner, a decision was made to shoot the antler off of one buck to free the deer. One antler was shot off and both deer ran off.

Warden Lockman received a call from a lost archery hunter who was on some thick state property. His father was able to show up and honk his horn to guide him out to the parking area.

Warden Nigbor received a call from a citizen that observed a hunter shoot a turkey from the roadway. The hunter was contacted and admitted to shooting from inside his vehicle at a flock of turkeys in a field. The hunter shot a hen turkey and did not have a permit for zone 3. During the interview, the suspect admitted to several other violations in Dodge County. Enforcement action was taken in Marquette County, and Warden Nell took enforcement in Dodge County and will be requesting revocation of hunting privileges.

Warden Nigbor investigated a wildlife poisoning Hotline call. Several properties were walked in an attempt to locate the poisoning source. Nigbor found a dead raccoon and three dead opossums in a wooded area and along a marsh near the suspected poisoning site. A suspect was interviewed and admitted to putting poison out to deal with a raccoon problem. Enforcement action is pending.

Warden Nigbor attended an enforcement conference at the Wautoma DNR office regarding an aquatic herbicide company that had sprayed and killed several beneficial plants on White Lake. The business owner was very cooperative and agreed to restore the site.

Warden Mike Young of Shiocton investigated a hunting accident which occurred in Waushara County. The victim and shooter went to the hospital in Appleton. Young also completed the accident investigation. The two subjects were hunting squirrels. One misidentified the other as a squirrel and shot him in the leg. No charges will be pursued.

Warden Young investigated a complaint of 32 colony traps set side-by-side in two locations. The investigation showed that the traps had been placed illegally. Enforcement action taken.

Warden Young made contacts and arrangements for a youth hunting event at Wolf River Game Farm sponsored by Scheels Sports, Outagamie Conservation Club, Pheasant Forever and Ron and Ron’s.

Warden Young attended the Pheasant Forever Meeting in Appleton. He discussed the Learn to Hunt program at Wolf River Game Farm.

Warden Young contacted a subject bow hunting wearing camouflage during the youth hunt. The subject had dumped the bow and was found to be hunting in possession of another’s license. Enforcement action taken.

Warden Ted Dremel of Waupaca contacted two young anglers who were fishing in the Waupaca River. The anglers stated they saw several large trout in the river and thought they would try to catch one. Dremel informed the young anglers that the trout season was closed and they could not fish or target the fish. A warning was given to the anglers.

Warden Nate Ackerman of Berlin responded to a call from the Sheriff’s Department about a subject in Berlin using a truck to run over two turkeys. Enforcement action was taken.

Logo courtesy Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources

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