X Games snowmobile acrobat rider Daniel Bodin wanted to take advantage of fresh snow in Stockholm, Sweden’s downtown and the potential legal repercussions of his activity didn’t stop him from doing so. At about four o’clock in the morning, Bodin and a cameraman took a snowmobile trip through the Old Town, which is strictly prohibited by law.

Bodin just wanted  fun ride through the city after he saw how much it snowed on TV. He is sponsored by Red Bull, but the company had no involvement with his night ride.

While he didn’t hurt anybody nor himself, an investigation into his driving is being conducted by Stockholm police. Police Inspector and County Coordinator Ursula Eriksson said he violated numerous laws–she said the act represented negligence in traffic, reckless driving and that terrain vehicles, such as snowmobiles, are not allowed on roads.

Watch below as his speeds through narrow pedestrian streets and rides up and down past some of the city’s monuments. Warning: Do not attempt this at home. Or wherever else it might be illegal.

Image from Marco Raaphorst on the flickr Creative Commons

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