FFLGuard announced today that it has named former ATF Chief of Firearms Programs Division, John Spurgeon, as the FFLGuard HelpDesk Manager. Mr. Spurgeon retired from ATF in 2005 after 31 years of exemplary government service.

As the Chief of the ATF Firearms Programs Division, Mr. Spurgeon was responsible for the International Affairs Branch, the Firearms Technology Branch, the National Integrated Ballistic Information Network (NIBIN), the Firearms Enforcement Branch, the Brady Operations Branch and the Tobacco Enforcement Branch.

“We are extremely pleased to have John join the FFLGuard team and we see him as a tremendous asset to FFLGuards clients” said Christopher Chiafullo, National Coordinating Counsel for FFLGuard. “The FFLGuard HelpDesk is a ‘go to’ staple of FFLGuard’s Basic Services, which provides our clients consistent and concise firearms compliance information that we stand behind. Having John Spurgeon’s wealth of knowledge and experience at the helm of that effort only reinforces our status as best in class.”

Mr. Spurgeon, a Vietnam combat veteran and former Monroe Louisiana Police Officer, joined ATF in 1974 as a Special Agent.  He served ATF in numerous supervisory capacities and assignments throughout his 31 years of service.

“I have always enjoyed helping licensees navigate the complicated laws, rules and regulations that govern firearms,” stated John Spurgeon. “Firearms retailers are the gatekeepers for their industry and I am pleased that I can continue to help them through the FFLGuard HelpDesk and will ensure we get them the right answers to their questions, from ATF or otherwise, each and every time.”

FFLGuard is an innovative program offered by a collaboration of lawyers, subject matter experts, and professionals who provide participating Federal Firearms Licensees across the country with cost-efficient access to legal compliance specialists — delivering educational training and rapid response services — with a focus on safeguarding the viability of the client’s FFL through proactive firearms compliance.

For more information on the FFLGuard program, visit www.FFLGuard.com or call 1-888-FFL-GRD1 (1-888-335-4731), follow them on Twitter @FFLGuard, “like” them at www.facebook.com/fflguard, or review their on-line videos at www.FFLGuard.tv.

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