On December 10 on AM 770, Dr. Melba Ketchum discussed the details of her Bigfoot research, which may be the strongest evidence for Sasquatch ever presented.

Dr. Ketchum and her team have submitted their findings to peer review, and are anxiously awaiting the validation that comes with it.

Believers and skeptics alike have joined in the debate of the veracity of Dr. Ketchum’s claims, which have garnered a lot of media attention as of late.

In this 15 min interview Dr. Melba helps clarify the results and implications of her findings.

If you’d like some background on her findings check out the following articles.


Image courtesy net_efekt on flickr

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One thought on “Hear the Lead Scientist from Bigfoot DNA Project Talk about Her Findings

  1. Dr. Ketchum has spent the past 5 years proving that this species really does exists. Finally the world will know the truth and this species can then be legally protected from hunters.

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