If all your dog does on bike trips is chase squirrels, then he’s probably not a good companion to join you for a bike ride. Still, if you have a heavy heart for leaving him/her at home during your excursion, then the original WalkyDog or WalkyDog Plus Bike Leash allows you to take the dog along for a run while you ride. It’s similar to the Bike Tow Leash made by Leon Engineering.

The WalkyDog leash is a metal tube (or bar) that quickly and easily mounts to your bike’s seatpost. A patented design, it is built with an internal shock-absorption system (a spring) that connects a loose leash to your dog’s collar or harness, keeping your dog at a safe distance from your bike’s spinning parts, but still allowing your dog to bounce uninhibited as it runs beside you. The internal springs offset the tug of your dog so that you don’t get knocked down and can remain in full control of the bike.

A single-click, easy-to-install clamp allows the WalkyDog to mount to your bike and be taken off just as easily, which means it’s easy to take off if your dog is staying home for the day. It can also be mounted on either side of the bike and the cord length can be adjusted to the dog’s height, although it is not recommended for very small dogs.

Made by the Italian company Camon Group, the leash is distributed by PetEgo and The Dog Outdoors. Only The Dog Outdoors carries the WalkyDog Plus version under an exclusivity agreement. It sells for $52 to $60, depending on the model.

Short exercises to get the dog used to the leash are recommended and the dog should not be overexerted beyond his capability. Water to hydrate the pooch is not included, so don’t forget to bring some for him from home.

See how it works in the video below.


Image courtesy of The Dog Outdoors

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