PK Lures Chief Operating Officer Derek Koch said, “As a company PK Lures is only three years old, but our products are on fire and we’re growing rapidly.”   The past “business” years followed two decades of quiet lure-testing and development in the Wyoming and Colorado reservoirs.

Koch praised the dedication of PK founder, Pat O’Grady, and the three main product lines, PK Panic, PK Spoons and Flutterfish, he created.  Catering mainly to walleye, trout and panfish anglers (for now), the company is currently focused on the Midwest and western Canada with a rapidly expanding retail presence.  They are selling nationwide via the internet (Cabela’s and  “Independent tackle shops, where the owners actually use the lures themselves, are the cornerstone of our business,” he said.

Joining forces with the National Professional Anglers Association as its newest supporting partner, he said, “Many of the brightest, best and most committed anglers in the nation are members of the NPAA.  Working together with one voice, we have a much greater chance of being heard and influencing policy on the state and national levels.  That will benefit the industry and our fisheries.”  As part of PK Lures commitment, every PK pro staff member who renews or joins NPAA will receive tackle to offset the cost of membership.

Pat Neu, NPAA executive director said, “We’re proud to have PK Lures as a Supporting Partner.  Their innovative products will be exposed to the angling world via NPAA members and the industry as we continue to work to grow the sport.”

PK Lures’ goal of honest innovation, not imitations is evident in their products.  The PK Panic, a vertical jigging, jointed “finesse leadfish” has a set of Colorado blades at its mid-point.  These lures have proven deadly on walleyes, trout and salmon.  An 8 ounce model is available for saltwater.

The PK Spoon is a fast jigging spoon with hooks on both ends for maximum hook-ups (1/8 to 1 oz.).  It has produced incredible results, including Tim Geni’s 2011 National Fresh Water Fishing Hall of Fame world record catch and release walleye on Last Mountain Lake, Saskatchewan.  It was 33 inches long and 14 ½ pounds.  A similar catch and release record was made in 2012 for burbot (eelpout).

The Flutterfish is a lure that can be cast, trolled or jigged.  It flutters and flashes when sliding down the water column, proving extremely effective for panfish, trout, walleyes, pike and bass (1/8 to 2 ½ oz.).  “These three lines cover the entire freshwater fishery, but standby for some really incredible new products set to be released to the fishing public soon,” Koch said.

Image courtesy NPAA

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