Find your way to Forrest L. Wood Crowley’s Ridge Nature Center in Jonesboro for an orienteering course from 1-4 p.m., Dec. 29, 2012. The course focuses on navigation using only a compass, map and observation techniques used in the military for centuries.

Modern conveniences, such as Global Positioning System units, smartphones and mapping websites have made the map and compass seem obsolete, but they rely on batteries, cell phone towers and other equipment that can fail, leaving outdoors enthusiasts wandering in the woods.

“We had so much interest in land navigation through our Hunter Education classes, that we developed this course,” said Brad Clevenger, natural resources program technician at FLWCRNC. “This will teach people the basics of finding their way without a GPS unit or cell phone. Learning these techniques not only makes people better hunters, it gives everyone a backup in case their electronics fail.”

The course is for people 13 years and older. Materials will be provided, but participants should bring their own compass. Space is limited for the class, so registration is required. Call 870-933-6787 to reserve a seat.

Image courtesy Arkansas Game and Fish Commission

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