Whatever else this year’s “Maya prophecies” and other doomsday alarmism may entail, it’s good for business–if you’re in the survival industry that is.

Today, December 21, is the last day in the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar, an ancient time keeping system thought to have been used by the ancient Mayans. Some have interpreted this date as a time of ending while others thought the conclusion of the Long Count signaled the emergence of a spiritual transformation. These beliefs have been steadily gaining ground for the last several years and have been peaking in intensity for the last month.

With the rumor of a coming “apocalypse,” many have begun buying essential supplies like ready-to-eat rations, camping gear, and small scale electricity generators. Survival gear dealers and manufacturers have seen a large boost in sales for the past year. According to Fox News, survival site FirstAidGlobal.com has had a near 400 percent increase in demand for their preparation kits, with other companies are reporting similar increases.

Tourist locations and events are also cashing in on the hype, with the influx of travelers wanting to spend December 21 in a safe place or just enjoying the phenomenon. An old Cold War bunker in Moscow, Russia has been transformed into a makeshift hotel for those who enjoy the extra security of reinforced steel and concrete, as well as 56 meters of ground above their heads. Tickets for the doomsday shelter will begin at £600, says The Telegraph. Similar events are appearing throughout the world with hotels being prime beneficiaries.

Barring a cataclysmic event, Outdoor Hub will still be here tomorrow for your outdoor news.

Editor’s note added 12-26: The apocalypse appears to not have occurred as of this writing. 

Image from Jon DeJong (jondejong) on the flickr Creative Commons

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