Roger Custer of Levittown, Pennsylvania had dreams of bagging a big prize, but even he didn’t know that it would be this big, or that it would be paid out in cash.

According to the Pennsylvania Enquirer, Custer stopped at Fairless Hills News and Tobacco Shop for some hunting supplies and bought the winning Powerball tickets as an afterthought. He then departed on a five-day deer hunting trip with the tickets in his wallet, oblivious to the fact that the state Lottery Commission had drawn his numbers for a jackpot of $50 million.

When Custer returned he discovered that the winning ticket had been sold at a nearby store. Unperturbed, he gave the ticket to his wife and asked her to check it for him when she had the chance. His wife Linda matched up the numbers and  started crying.

“You’d better not be kidding me, Roger,” she said.

Sure enough, the retired hunter won around $33 million in cash after taxes. When presented with the check he remarked, “It’s a good feeling to know that my family will never have to worry.”

When asked what he has in mind for the large sum, Custer said, “I’ll be doing a lot more hunting and fishing, for sure.”

Image from Nico Crisafulli (nicocrisafulli) on the flickr Creative Commons

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