An article on the Journal News’s website has caused an outcry for featuring an interactive map of gun owners in New York’s Westchester and Rockland counties. The article, titled “The Gun Owner Next Door,” included a map detailing the names and addresses of local handgun permit-holders, represented by red dots on Google Maps. Navigating the map and finding gun owners in the listed neighborhoods is as easy as a click.

The information was obtained legally by the Journal News through Freedom of Information Act requests to the county clerk’s offices. However, the type of permit and handgun, as well as the number of handguns (or whether any firearms are possessed at listed residences at all), are not available for public viewing. Potential rifle and shotgun owners were also not listed, as permits are not required for owning or purchasing such firearms. Many have called publication of the map irresponsible, fearing it will serve as a resource for burglars by calling out specific residences to be targeted for firearm theft.

According to CNN, the article had generated 1,300 comments as of Christmas day, many of which were from gun owners listed on the map. Some readers felt discriminated against and targeted by the Journal News with a quite literal red dot over their home. One user commented, “I’d rather have a gun owner as my neighbor then a journalist, one is far more responsible then the other.” Not unsurprisingly, many have canceled their subscription to the newspaper.

Currently maps of Westchester and Rockland county’s gun owners are online, with Putnam county to be posted as soon as the information is available. The Journal News estimates there to be around 44,000 people registered to own a handgun in the area.

Image from Chris Dlugosz (Cubosh) on the flickr Creative Commons, slider image by ~Steve Z~ on the flickr Creative Commons

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22 thoughts on “New York Newspaper Publishes Local Gun Owner Info, Incites Uproar

  1. I too, would rather have a gun owner as a neighbor than a journalist. Good reporting, yes, but that is a thing of the past. How many people has journalism killed or made miserable?

    1. Agreed – but the number of people killed by irresponsible “journalism” is irrelevant as long as the leftist agenda is advanced by it. Isn’t “progress” worth a few (million) lives?

  2. This is unbelievable! I can’t believe how Quickly it went being about children to guns! No one mentions better security at schools. This could have easily been a bomb so why would we pick on firearm owners. I think they need to refocus on the problem! An unknown person in a school that shouldn’t have been there. If any one off the street can easily bust in that is insane, tighten up the school, have a couple armed guards. There’s always going to be bad people and bad people never follow the rules therefore bad rules only hurt good people.

    1. It’s not about the children. Never was. It’s a golden opportunity sitting on a silken pillow for the left to bully gun owners. We will see a LOT more publicizing of gun-owner names, addresses and anything else they can dig up on us by other news media in the coming days.

      Unfortunately for us (sane gun owners), the left has us on the defensive and they know it. They want us to look guilty, and to apologize to the American people for daring to own guns. Now is the time for them to unleash the full monty of abuse against us. It’s like a boxer getting pummeled in the ring who keeps standing and taking it. How long can this go on?

      We better start fighting back with all that we have, or gun ownership is over.

    2. You are so right bad people are going to get guns and worse yet if that boy that shot those kids could not had gotten those guns he could had made a bomb. That man was determined to kill innocent people and as bad as it was I thank God it wasn’t a bomb. I agree that all schools need a armed gaurd and maybe a trained armed principal . Think of the lives that could had been saved if the principal had a gun or if the school had a police officer or armed guard. If you take guns away from law abiding citizens then the bad guys will be able to kill more. When I was in high school we had a on duty police officer. And trust me not only did it keep the bad guys away ,the children thought twice before doing wrong. And how dare those journalist to publish a list of gun owners If I was the gun owners and my house got robbed and they stole my guns that I need to protect my family I would sue the those jerks . People need to grow up and think things through before just jumping into things. But that publisher doesn’t care about the citizens . We the people are a product to them not a living person..

      1. The gun owners list is a public record and has been for 20+ years, anyone can go down to their local/county/state office and get a copy for themselves. The journalists only made something known that was already public to anyone who wanted to see it. If criminals were looking to steal guns they could get the list long before journalists found out about it. And criminals can buy guns on the street very cheaply, so they really don’t need to go stealing guns from homes – too risky. Another thing, many places where mass shootings occurred had armed guards and armed police stationed on site (e.g. Virginia Tech, Columbine, etc.). 11 soldiers were shot on a military base with more guns than they knew what to do with. The guy in Newtown was wearing a bullet proof vest, the guy in Colorado had body armor, in fact some guy just went into a police station in the last month and shot 3 officers. Just because the principal of my kid’s school has a revolver in his pocket doesn’t mean he’s going to do very well against a shooter with body armor and a 30 round mag. It’s certainly better than throwing chalk or erasers at the bad guy but as the many police officers (or soldiers) with guns (like my uncle) who’ve been shot can tell you, having a gun doesn’t guarantee anything.

  3. I think the addresses and yearly incomes of the Journal News should be marked on maps and posted on the internet, in the interest of fairness. Amazing how the media are crucifying NRA’s Wayne LaPierre for stating the obvious. Look at how the news media are destroying this country with their slime reporting and twisted world view. Vilifing guns and gun owners; and looking for excuses for the insane killers in our midst. The latest one killed his 92 year old grandmother with a hammer, yet was back out among the innocent again – why wasn’t this guy in prison for life? All the laws against him owning a gun did little for the ded firemen or his sister – yet immediately everyone wants to blame the gunowners. This world surely is being taken over by evil – both the killers and their enablers – the leftist media.

  4. I think I would welcome being on the list because now its telling all of the criminals who to rob without fear of getting shot. Guess they didn’t think of that one.

  5. This reminds me of the Black Codes or Jim Crow laws of the 1800`s. But instead of the co lour of your skin, it is now what you own.These journalists are not good people.They are bigots.

  6. I would like to see some kind of punishment meted out for irresponsible reporting due to the possibility of endangering those on the list.

    1. – If you ARE a gun owner in that town and someone breaks in and steals your firearms… you should SUE the Journal News and their parent corporation for reckless endangerment.
      – If you are NOT a gun owner in that town and someone breaks in knowing you are unarmed… you should SUE the Journal News and their parent corporation for reckless endangerment.

  7. Why couldn’t they make a list of the households that had illegal guns. Now that would have impressed me! that would mean the reporter or journalist would have had to do some research and for the good of the community.

  8. Their information:

    Miss Royle’s married name is Lambert. She lives in White Plains and here is her Facebook page complete with pictures of her and her kids. Hello Sanctimony.

    Cynthia R Lambert
    17 Mcbride Ave
    White Plains, NY 10603 (914) 948-9388

    Work: 914-694-5001
    Drives a red convertible:
    Family photo:

    Publisher, Janet Hasson,

    3 Gate House Lane, Mamaroneck NY, 10543

    (914) 694-5204

    Reporter, Dwight R. Worley, 23006 139 Ave

    Springfield Gardens, NY 11413

    (718) 527-0832

    The “Visual Editor” responsible for the map itself is:

    Robert F. Rodriguez

    (w) Stephanie Azzarone
    Home (212) 222-4566
    420 Riverside Dr, Apt 7A
    New York, NY 10025-7748

    Publisher: Janet Hasson (@janhasson on twitter) 3 Gate House Rd, Mamaroneck, NY 10534


    Gracia C Martore 728 Springvale Rd Great Falls, VA 22066 (703) 759-5954

  9. The media goes too far in their ‘reporting’. They offend many, and even get people killed with their irresponsible reporting. It’s high time that we limited the inflammatory nature of the media.

    I would start with every media outlet from the smallest newsletter to the largest media moguls, and require them to register with the town, state and federal government. That way we know who they all are, where they live, and what kind of media they are publishing.

    They should get proper government training in politically correct speech before they can practice their inflammatory arts. They should likewise be legally obliged to fill out government forms for EACH and every article they write or publish. This would allow us to assign serial numbers to those articles and to trace them back to the source when needed.

    In order to avoid the many dangers associated with certain types of inflammatory speech, we should immediately enstate a 3 day waiting period before each article is published. This would ensure that there’s no dangerous reactionary thoughts placed in the public purview. This 3 day waiting period would allow government officials to read through everything and make sure that the articles are in good order and that they don’t violate any laws.

    Those with criminal records, and anyone else deemed mentally unsound should be barred from obtaining media permits lest their dangerous ideas become public.

    1. PS – For the ‘humor impaired’, the above is merely a tongue-in-cheek way to show what it would be like if the media had to jump through the same hoops for their first amendment rights as we do for our second amendment rights!

  10. 2nd amendment? Too often in society, we’re judged as a whole based on the actions of a few.

    The idiot kid who killed all those children- wouldn’t matter if he had access to guns or not….it was easier and quicker for him, yes….but nevertheless he would have still carried out his plot with homemade bombs, bow and arrows, hammer, axe, whatever. We will always have insane peeps that will plan and carry out their attack(s) one way or another…has nothing to do with who can or cannot legally own which guns.

    If the politicians ban or outlaw certain guns, then of course only the criminals will have access to those as the black market gun trading and buying (as well as the corresponding ammo needed to fire said guns) will continue forever.

    In my opinion, what we need is deterrence….in that if one is found guilty of murder with corroborating witness(es) (or confesses w/ evidence that supports the facts of the confession)…then eye for an eye, tooth for a tooth….you get one speedy appeal and that’s it…after that, 90 days in prison and you’re done- pull the plug….and I don’t give a crap about those that don’t support the death penalty- for those folks: if it was their best friend, boyfriend, girlfriend, husband, wife, mom, dad, son, daughter, sister, brother, aunt, uncle, grandfather, grandmother, on and on…maybe they’d change their viewpoint and stance.

    I do say,though, in those cases where convictions largely hinge on circumstantial evidence with no DNA match from the crime scene to back up the prosecution’s arguments, or no witnesses, etc…then those would need to be addressed differently with more lax sentencing guidelines due to the numerous overturned convictions based on latter DNA results showing the accused/convicted was in fact not guilty or at the crime scene.

    BUT, in those clear-cut cases where we know without a doubt the accused committed the murder- we need deterrence and that comes from the offender knowing “if I do this and get caught, my life is finite by law and days remaining numbered.” Without this, we’ll continue to flounder without real deterrence and subsequent violent crimes carried out all along while the politicians will be able to proclaim, “Look what I did!”….(passing or promoting / supporting some nonsense law banning such and such guns…with no real effect or deterrence).

    I’m a nobody on the grand scheme of this nation and world, but mark my words nothing holds truer in solving our violent crime rate and those who wish to harm others…these are just my thoughts from a criminal justice professional with over 20 years experience of watching the guilty go free at some point or another with no real deterrence.

  11. Go Journal News! Gutsy, honest reporting. I own several guns, live in Westchester, NY, love the outdoors, and have no issue whatsoever with publishing public information. If you don’t want to be on the list, don’t buy a handgun. That simple, folks. The status quo has to change. How many more folks have to be killed before we do something? I refuse to go back to the wild west where everyone solved their differences with a gun. And please don’t give me the “guns don’t kill people,” or “criminals will always get a gun” bahooey. That is simply NRA Kool-aid courtesy of the gun manufacturing lobby. …So I suppose we should all just start building fortresses around everyplace with live and work? You can. I won’t.

  12. Not sure why this is a big deal. Anyone can go down to the town/county/state office or courthouse (whichever place keeps the records in their town) and look up this information. In most states these are public records, which – last time I checked – means they are available for the public. Just as anyone can go down to the courthouse and look up your divorce records, or bankruptcy records, or even find out about your purchase of your house. I don’t understand why people even care about this issue, these records have been public for 20 years, if anyone cared to look.

  13. what did those people think……oh wait, they didn’t, they were doing. not only did they give out information that was not up to them to give out, they put all the people at risk. not only the gun owners, but the people who don’t own guns because now the criminals know they can’t protect themselves. yes, and then they “HIRE” gaurds to keep them safe….what a bunch of chit. one was a Judge, and tell me she won’t go after them. i listened to an interview with her and she said that in her 30 years as a lawyer to a Judge, she has only had 1………yup 1 case of a real gun owner killing someone.

  14. This is just typical of the total stupidity reporting our news today. I have absolutely no problem with all of the newspapers in this country folding up. They have proved they are deceitful, untrustworthy and a total menace to our society today. If you have ever been quoted in a newspaper, you’ll know what I mean and wonder how in the world you ever said what they printed. Truth is, you didn’t, they are trying to grab attention from some of the dismal idiots still out and about. The ones that go out with guns and shoot inocent folks and children so their names can be sensationalized in the phony papers.

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