Security-conscious Utah teachers are eligible to attend a free concealed weapons training seminar offered by the Utah Shooting Sports Council. The usual fee of $50 has been waived in light of the recent Newtown school shooting, which prompted gun-rights advocates to promote the education of teachers to prepare for dangerous situations.

Utah allows the carry of concealed firearms at schools and other public places, which the Utah Shooting Sports Council supports as a last line of defense in an active shooter scenario.

“Schools are some of the safest places in the world, but I think teachers understand that something has changed—the sanctity of schools has changed,” said Clark Aposhian, chairman of the USSC. “Mass shootings may still be rare, but that doesn’t help you when the monster comes in,”

According to The Washington Post, Aposhian explained that the training will prioritize safety and retreat before shooting, even though Utah is a stand-your-ground state.

“We’re not suggesting that teachers roam the halls for a monster. They should lock down the classroom. But a gun is one more option if the shooter comes in.” Aposhian emphasized.

Over 200 educators are expected to gather for the seminar at Maverick Center near Salt Lake City today. There, the seminar will last six hours and basic instruction with be demonstrated with training props.

Image from U.S. Army Corps of Engineers (USACE Europe District) on the flickr Creative Commons

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