A black bear surprised diners in a Cranberry Township, Pennsylvania Buffalo Wild Wings when it climbed a nearby tree and stared into the restaurant. Police were notified and kept a watch on the estimated 200-pound animal as it stayed perched sightseeing for the next two hours.

According to the Cranberry Patch, the bear attracted a crowd as customers from local restaurants came to see it. A game commission officer at the scene commented that it was uncommon to see a black bear wandering this late into the season, as it should be in hibernation.

“Someone must have woke him up,” he was reported as saying.

Game commission officers and police generally do not interfere with bears unless it is posing a direct threat to humans or exhibit aggressive behavior.

The bear eventually left the tree and went behind a nearby Burger King, perhaps hoping to sniff out a late night Whopper. Police lost sight of the animal when it entered the woods close to a nearby highway.

Authorities advise residents to bring food inside during the night and if observing bears to keep a safe distance.

Image from peupleloup on the flickr Creative Commons

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