Due to the large amount of snowfall at Goose Pond Fish and Wildlife Area this week, no quail hunting will be allowed on Saturday (Dec. 29). In extreme weather conditions, DNR biologists reserve the option to cancel quail hunting when it may cause undue stress to the quail population in that area.

Many of these birds are already experiencing severe hardships due to the weather conditions. By limiting hunting pressure, excessive quail mortality will be avoided. Ice and snow have been shown to be detrimental to quail populations, especially in locations with poor or marginal habitat. Severe storms have been known to significantly reduce quail numbers through increased predation and the inability to find food through the snow cover.

Currently, all quail hunts at Goose Pond are by drawing only. It is not apparent if the next scheduled hunt will occur. If you have been drawn for a quail hunt, please call the property office at 812-659-9901.

Logo courtesy Indiana Department of Natural Resources

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