Moon Shine, LP Licenses Muddy Girl to ScentMaster

Moon Shine, LP is delighted to announce that they have licensed their Muddy Girl camouflage pattern to ScentMaster for use on the doors of their ScentMaster boxes, as well as on the Lockers. The Muddy Girl boxes will be all black with the doors in the Muddy Girl camo pattern. ScentMaster is planning the launch of their ScentMaster Muddy Girl units in 2013.

“We are honored that Scentmaster has chosen our Muddy Girl camo to accommodate the needs of their growing female audience.” states Travis Mattern, president of Moon Shine. “They have a great product and the addition of applying Muddy Girl to it will only make it better. We are excitedly anticipating the release of the ScentMaster Muddy Girl units.”

“Our team feels the ScentMaster Muddy Girl unit will appeal to our female customers who want a color option which is unique and attractive, combined with a product that will enhance their success in the outdoors.” stated Jamie Zimmerman, from ScentMaster.

Moon Shine’s partnership with ScentMaster not only expands the growing Moon Shine family of partners, but also introduces a new category for the Moon Shine Camo portfolio.

Logo courtesy Providence Marketing Group/Moon Shine, ScentMaster

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