The fourth annual NRA Great American Hunting & Outdoor Show takes place this January at the Frederick Fair Grounds in Maryland. There you will see a few hundred exhibitors, tons of hunt/outdoor gear, and thanks to the hard work of the staff, the Outdoor Channel’s Bone Collector Michael Waddell.

“We’re talking about one heck of an expert there my friend,” said show manager Bob Davis.

Debuting in 2009 on the Outdoor Channel, Bone Collector hit the air with a mission to document the culture of the hunter, the brotherhood of sportsmen and effort to show “the warts and all” in their adventures across the globe. They also managed to win last year’s Fan Favorite Best Hunting Golden Moose Award at the SHOT Show in Las Vegas, Nevada.

As a featured speaker, Waddell will be there to provide all the tricks and tips that has made him one of the most recognizable and respected faces in the outdoor entertainment community. Here’s a bit from Waddell himself:

Like the old saying goes, I’m Southern by birth and redneck by the grace of God.

I got my start in the hunting industry by winning a Realtree turkey calling contest, and from there I started guiding and filming hunts. Before I knew it, I was runnin’ camera for Realtree all over God’s creation, and learning all I could about TV production. The idea for “Realtree Road Trips” was born a few years later and since then, my life has been a whirlwind – huntin’, travelin’, workin’ hard and meeting great folks from coast to coast. I’m lovin’ every minute of it, and I wouldn’t trade it for anything.

I’m blessed to work with and represent some of the top companies in the outdoor industry. And I’m blessed to live in a country where I’m free to be the rowdy redneck I was born to be.

To get a shot at learning from one of the best, then you’ll have to come out to the Great American Hunting & Outdoor Show. Starting on Friday, January 25th and wraps up on Sunday, January 26th, it’ll be a hunting and outdoor weekend that you’ll never forget … the Bone Collector will see to that.

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