As audiences have come to expect, the Brownells SHOT Show booth – #805 – will be brimming with products that amateur and professional firearms enthusiasts, gunsmiths, hunters, reloaders and everyone in between will be demanding  in the coming year. In addition to the previously-announced custom Dream Gun display, attendees and exhibitors will see dozens of popular firearms accessories, ammunition and gunsmithing tools from Brownells and other world-class manufacturers.

Here are just a few of the hot, new products for 2013:

Brownells .45 ACP 1911 Magazines

Made in the USA, these rugged magazines feature stainless steel bodies and followers so that users enjoy smooth, reliable feeding.  For stealthy operation and easy mag well insertion, the bodies have been given a matte black, Xylan coating. Available in February 2013, the 7- or 8-round magazines include witness holes so users can quickly see the number of rounds remaining.

Brownells AR-15/M16 Complete Bolt/Carrier Group

Also made in the USA, this true mil-spec bolt/carrier group features a high-pressure, magnetic particle-tested bolt, constructed of Carpenter 158 steel, housed in a high-grade 8620 carbon steel carrier. Finished with a black-phosphate coating, this group includes a properly staked gas key so it’s ready to drop in to any mil-spec receiver to deliver unwavering, consistent performance in the toughest conditions.

Minelli Walnut Stocks

These fine, Italian-made wood stocks are authentic recreations of those used on classic World War II and modern-era military service rifles. Crafted with a traditional oil-finish, they are available for the Springfield 1903A3, M1 Garand, M14/M1A, AK-47 and the Mauser K98. The stocks come inletted for hardware; some minor fitting may be required.

“We’re excited to see all of our great friends and customers at SHOT Show,” said Brownells President/COO, Matt Buckingham. “I invite everyone to visit our booth, see all of the products on display and register for the Dream Gun Sweepstakes.”

Other products to be featured include an array of reloading components, specialty tools for AR-15 rifles and 1911 pistols, accessories for shotguns and pistols, plus a variety cleaning equipment and supplies.

Logo courtesy Brownells

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