An Ohio junior high school received an unexpected visitor yesterday when a buck crashed through the window into a classroom. According to WLWT, there was a teacher and two students still inside. Teacher Erik Poggi said the deer jumped through one of the classroom windows, shattered it, and then slammed into a desk. The three quickly made their way out and locked the buck in, leaving it to run aimlessly around.

In a fortunate turn of events, a teacher at the same school also happened to be a deer farmer. History teacher Dustin Goldie made a quick call to retrieve a tranquilizer gun, and shot the deer with a non-lethal dart from outside the classroom. The following video is a recording of Goldie taking the shot.


When asked why the deer decided to enter the school, Goldie said, “in my opinion he was probably running around, saw his reflection in the window, thought it was another buck, decided to attack it and crashed through the window.”

An 83-year-old Pittsburgh woman confronted a similar situation at her home last Saturday when a family of three deer broke through her window. When Dorothy Pantely saw the deer, she acted quickly to lock her and her dog in the bedroom, reports KDKA Pittsburg.

“My hands were shaking so bad I couldn’t even dial,” said Pantely as she recounts the event. Instead of dialing manually, she resorted to the the emergency lifeline she wears at all times. When police arrived, the two adult deer had already left, leaving behind a fawn huddled in the corner. Pantley described the fawn as crouching down and scared. After a short while it left through the front door, hopefully to rejoin its parents.

The deer caused some damage to the interior of Pantely’s house for which she hired a cleaning service.

Moral of the story: have stronger windows.

Image screenshot of video by TodayNewsWorld on youtube

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4 thoughts on “When Whitetails Invade: Teacher Tranquilizes Deer in Classroom, Home Invasion by Deer Family

  1. Why was it necessary to dart the deer 3+ times? At least that’s what I saw/heard. If he was a deer farmer, why didn’t he know the proper doseage before using it for a dart board. I’m glad the deer wasn’t killed, yet. Who knows what they did off camera. Looking at the blood, they had some suturing to do to that buck before it could be released (if it was released)…

  2. Tig, maybe its better to let the buck run around and kill itself? In the long run this is the only way to get the job done since the whole ‘carrot on a pole’ trick probably wouldnt have worked…I would love to hear your idea of how to get it out since you are so insightful…and for your “why did it take 3 darts question”..the buck probably saw his reflection in the window which caused it to charge..meaning its testosterone levels were probably heightened…you’d be amazed what a human/animal can do at this stage..and trying to get the “exact” amount of doseage can be tough to calculate, especially when the clock is ticking. Why would you suggest that something happened off camera like you did? Your accusations dont help a thing..this should be a good story…something unplanned happened and in the long run a messed up classroom was all that prevailed..theres always got to be someone to put a bad spin on a good story.

  3. Team America. Thanks for the kind words. I was instructed by authority figures, game warden and sheriff to dart the deer fast and often to get it immobilized quickly. I would have never darted my own deer that many times and I spent 10 minutes before that video started loading up 2cc darts with the proper chemicals/tranq liquids. The deer was in severe pain so the authority figures wanted to get it tranquilized to relieve its pain and to make sure no students were hurt

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