NRA Gains 100,000+ New Members in Only 19 Days


The National Rifle Association (NRA) has seen a tremendous surge in membership following the events in early December. The Sandy Hook tragedy prompted a large outcry for the banning of “assault weapons” and high capacity magazines, but also drew out staunch defenders of gun rights. According to POLITICO, the organization gained over 100,000 new members in the past 19 days, raising the NRA’s total membership to 4.2 million.

NRA leaders met with Vice President Joe Biden and Attorney General Eric Holder this Thursday to discuss the possibility of stricter gun control laws. Soon after, the NRA released a statement that described the meeting as “disappointing” and criticizing the the Vice President’s task force for “pushing failed solutions to our nation’s most pressing problems.”

“In a sense, they were checking a box, they were able to say we’ve met with the NRA, we’ve met with the people that are strong Second Amendment supporters.” NRA President David Keene told CNN’s The Situation Room.

“We are mobilizing for a fight,” Keene added.

The NRA is planning a campaign to oppose new gun control regulations, which will include sending representatives to gun shows as well as mobilizing members to voice their concerns directly to congress. This  initiative will include recruiting new members on a massive scale.

A NRA spokesperson told POLITICO’s Mike Allen, “our goal is to get to 5 million before this debate is over.”

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