At least two burglars broke into the home of a 70-year-old, White Plains, New York, man on Saturday, January 12th. Their target? His gun safe.

This sort of thing happens in White Plains, which is close enough to Mount Vernon and The Bronx that crime spills over into the otherwise modest, quiet community area. What makes this case unique is that this robbery might stem from a recent controversial move by a Westchester County, where White Planes and Mount Vernon are located, newspaper’s decision to publish the names and addresses of local gun permit owners in an online, interactive map.

The burglars failed to steal any of the guns in the home but couldn’t gain access to the homeowner’s gun safe.

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White Plains Public Safety Commissioner, David Chong said “We see no pattern of the people breaking into based on the nap, but we’re certainly paying attention and monitoring that,” according to The Journal News.

The Journal News was responsible for the original publication of the map.

On the other hand New York Senator Greg Ball has publicly stated that “the burglar used The Journal News’ interactive gun map to target a home.” He went on to say, “The Journal News has placed the lives of these folks at risk by creating a virtual shopping list for criminals and nut jobs.”

Senator Ball has introduced legislation that would protect the identities of gun permit owners in New York.

The map in question is still available online and The Journal News has announced no plans to take it down.

Image is a screenshot.

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4 thoughts on “Newspaper’s Map of Gun Owner’s Address might have Made him a Target

  1. This article completely ignores the the statement from police and its headline is very biased. And author can’t even spell the name of White Plains correctly. Not the kind of journalistic integrity I expect from Outdoor Wire. Stop with the bias, don’t use clearly misleading titles. I am big enough to make up my own mind, thank you. This only serves to misinform.
    In case you presume incorrectlty, i am a Westchester gun owner.

  2. Coincidence then? Maybe, maybe not. What this newspaper did was irresponsible and it was a very biased and prejudiced thing to do. What if the newspaper was run by racists and published the names and addresses of people of colour because they thought they might be responsible? Bigotry is bigotry.

  3. So now I suppose that every gun theft in Westchester should be attributed to the Journal News Story. Never mind that people have been stealing guns in this county (and all across nation) for years, and that some gun owners – note some, not “all” – store their guns in unsafe, unsecured locations. How racism is comparable to the Journal News action just shows how illogical, inflammatory and completely nonsensical some thinking can be. If you want to talk about people of color, ask them how many die as a result of guns. That’s the real story no one wants to admit, but hey, who cares, they are poor and of color so what do we care? Hey, as along as NRA wants gun in schools, why don’t we have them everywhere? Let’s put them at my dentists office, the drugstore, the gas station, the movie theatre, the hotel, the government office, my dry cleaners, the playground, the carwash…because you know, you never know when a good guy with gun can take care of a bad guy with a gun. Heck, if I don’t see gun-totin’ citizens all over the place as soon as I leave my house, something is really wrong! The fact remains that gun owners are people and people ain’t perfect, lest you and the NRA think so.

    1. There’s a very good possibility there are guns in all those places you mentioned. Could be the proprietors, employees, customers, everyday people doing everyday tasks. Life is Good.

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