Paracord bracelets have become a favorite of survivalists everywhere. From military personnel to extreme adventurers to backcountry explorers. Their light weight, ease of carry and multi-functionality doesn’t leave much of an argument against carrying them on your person at all time. Perhaps that’s why they have gotten so popular in recent times. Capitilizing and improving upon the design is paracord gear and accessory company Knottology.

The company has incorporated storage compartments, navigators, illuminators and whistles into their Expedition Clasps, in addition to paracord bracelets or survival straps. The bracelets are made of paracord, a durable rope used by the military as suspension lines for parachutes. The paracord itself can be used for as many uses as there are people with an imagination.

Michigan-based Knottology goes further with the survival aspect by incorporating a plastic or metal clasp with a dual function. The patented compartment, called the Guardian, secures the bracelet around your wrist, but is also functions as a container to store iodine tablets or up to five other small pills, flint, contact information, fishhook/line, small blade or sewing supplies, for example.

The Expedition Clasps attach to Knottology’s existing paracord survival bracelets. Pictured is the Square X2 knot bracelet.

The Navigator clasp houses a magnetic compass, while the Illuminator is a 15-lumen LED light that you carry on your wrist at all times. The Banshee, frighteningly-named, is really on your side. Screaming like a banshee, the whistle provides an extremely loud sound (up to 100 decibels) with little effort.

All the multi-functional clasps are made of metal designed to last, while some are water-resistant. A price for the Expedition Clasps and bracelets has not been set yet, since Knottology is still in the process of meeting with dealers for distribution. Find more information at

The MSRP varies for each model. The Expedition Bracelets, for example, range from $19.99 to $24.99.

Images courtesy of Paul O/Knottology

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