In the past, rangefinders were so good they were accurate to within one yard of the target, but the new Scout DX 1000 has half-yard accuracy with 1/10th yard displays.

“In other words, when you read your range to the target, instead of the range saying 99 yards, you’ll get a reading of 99.8 yards,” Scott Peterson, product manager for laser range finders for Bushnell, says. “The new Bushnell Scout has a finer reading and a much more accurate reading than we’ve had with range finders in the past. This range finder also has the angle range compensation technology on which bowhunters can rely. For rifle hunters, this range finder compensates for bore drop and holdover in inches, M.O.A. and milldots. Extremely fast, this range finder has a one-button operating system.”

The Scout DX 1000 will retail for about $299 and will be available in March 2013, just in time for turkey season. The Scout DX 1000 is quick, easy to use and has many of the features you’ll expect to see in a more expensive range finder. Be sure to check-out the Bushnell Scout DX 1000 as soon as it’s available.

Image by John Phillips

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