Bushnell has introduced the new Fusion 1 Mile laser rangefinder/binoculars for 2013. The rangefinder ranges out to an impressive one mile, but one of the coolest things about this product is the matrix display technology being used in the binoculars.

“Previous laser range finder/binoculars that our company has done in the past have required a coating on the lens to get the display to show up brightly,” according to Scott Peterson, product manager for laser rangefinders at Bushnell. “But Bushnell has used matrix display technology in these new binoculars that allows for a clear, crisp, 2-color fidelity in all lighting conditions. This bright display that is user-controlled enables you to control the brightness of the display under all weather and light conditions. We also have a patented angle range compensation technology for bowhunters that can give the archer compensated distances out to 99 yards.” In other words, once the range finder in the binoculars tells you the distance, whether you’re shooting uphill, downhill or from a tree stand, you can set your bowsight to shoot on-target accurately with this distance reported by the Fusion 1 Mile. For rifle hunters, the binoculars can give them bullet drop and holdover information in inches, M.O.A. or milldot, based on their caliber and load combinations. These binoculars come in three different styles, 8×32, 10×42 and 12×50 and will be available in February, 2013.

Often when you hear the words “laser rangefinder/binoculars with angle range compensation,” you automatically think of a $2,000, a $3,000, or even a $4,000 price tag. However, the 8×32 Fusion 1 Mile sells for $999; the 10×42 for $1,199; and the 12×50 for $1,299. “Bushnell can keep the price down,” Peterson explains, “because Bushnell is the first company in the industry to make laser rangefinders. Our patents and proprietary properties make it extremely difficult for other companies to make these types of range finders at these price points.” To learn more about these new binoculars, go to www.bushnell.com.

Image by John Phillips

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