One of the neatest products I’ve seen at the 2013 SHOT Show is called the Survival Grenade and it’s made by Rocky Boots. When you first look at the product, it appears to be rolled-up parachute cord hung on a carabiner. But this small, easy-to-clip-on-your belt Survival Grenade is much more.

“It has a 550 cord, which contains five different strands that you can use the smallest piece for dental floss or fishing line,” Sam Bowman of Rocky Boots explains. “You can use the other parts of the rope to create a survival shelter. Inside the Survival Grenade are two hooks and a sinker, a fire starter, a metal blade, a needle and thread.”

The Survival Grenade from Rocky won’t provide everything you need for several weeks’ stay in the wilderness, but it has enough equipment in it to get you through a night and a day or two if you’re put into a wilderness situation. Be sure to check out this survival kit. I like it, because it clips on your belt, it doesn’t bother you to carry it, and you’ll never realize you have it until you need it.

Image by John Phillips

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