One of the most prestigious names in game calls is Primos, and this year Bushnell has teamed up with Primos Game Calls to produce a small hand-held rangefinder that costs less than $200, yet comes packed with all the options hunters have been demanding. The Truth Rangefinder is named for the popular videos and TV shows that Will Primos has produced for a number of years, titled “The Truth.”

“The Truth Rangefinder will give you true horizontal distance out to 199 yards and line-of-sight distance out to 850 yards,” Scott Peterson, product manager for laser range finders for Bushnell, says. “This very simple rangefinder features one-button operation. You’ll see the Bushnell Truth Rangefinder featured on the Primos TV show quite a bit this year.” The Truth Rangefinder also includes bow mode angle range compensation technology out to 199 yards.

Image by John Phillips

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