As a responsible firearm owner, your safety plan should include keeping your gun secure until you’re ready to use it. But total security often means compromising quick and easy access. When danger looms, fumbling with keys or combinations could cause a delay – and disaster. Fortunately, the NRAstore’s newest handgun safe provides the best of both worlds. 

The NRA Inprint Micro Biometric Gun Safe requires only one finger swipe for instantaneous access to your firearm. Featuring state-of-the-art biometric technology, the Inprint scans individual fingerprints to authorize its unlocking sequence – no keys are required!

Up to 15 separate fingerprints may be enrolled into its memory with a simple setup process. That means every member of your family will ALWAYS have their “keys” handy…but access is restricted to ONLY those you choose. A quick finger swipe will immediately admit authorized persons, and reject all others.

Featuring a rich, burlwood-patterned exterior, the NRA Inprint Micro has the appearance of fine cabinetry, adding an additional level of discretion. And the Inprint is made in the USA!

A backup key, tie-down cable and interior padding are included. The Inprint is powered by one 9V battery. The NRA Inprint Micro Biometric Gun Safe is available for $278.95. For additional dependability, an optional A/C adapter may be purchased separately for $19.95 – or you can buy the combo for $294.95 and save!

Visit to purchase the NRA Inprint Micro Biometric Gun Safe. And don’t forget to request a free copy of the NRAstore’s latest catalog!

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