Hornady has a line of ammunition specifically engineered for the whitetail deer hunter. The American Whitetail line of rifle ammo is designed for medium sized game and is a specially selected group of bullets in weights that have proven to be deer hunting favorites for many years.

These bullets eliminate much of the guesswork for the average deer hunter who just wants to go into the ammo store and grab a good box of deer ammo. That hunter can buy American Whitetail ammo and know that he is getting a quality deer hunting bullet. The American Whitetail is loaded with the InterLock bullet and comes in 243 WIN 200 GR, 25-06 REM 117 GR, 270 WIN 130 GR, 7MM-08 REM 139 GR, 7MM REM MAG 139 GR, 30-30 WIN 150 GR, 30-06 Springfield 150 GR and 300 WIN MAG 150 GR. These bullets are all offered at a competitive price point and are a great value for the avid deer hunter.

Image by Bob Robertson

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