Aaron Carter, Managing Editor for the National Rifle Association’s American Riflemanmagazine, has been honored with the 2013 Ian McMurchy Award, presented by Nikon Sport Optics.

This award is given annually to an outdoor communicator who best follows in McMurchy’s footsteps of educating readers and helping them discover more enjoyment and success in their sport during the past year.

In December of 2008, McMurchy passed away. He is remembered for his work as a biologist, target shooter, hunter and communicator. Known as much for his shooting skills as his hunting ability, he loved every minute spent outdoors. Having introduced hundreds of people to shooting more accurately and hunting more successfully, McMurchy will be long remembered.

Much like McMurchy’s passion for the outdoors, Carter has also spent countless hours hunting and shooting. He was first introduced to these outdoor activities at a young age. He began reloading when he was 13 years old with shotshells, and later progressed to metallic cartridges. His love for the sport continues today, and has helped him succeed in his career.

“I started hunting small game with firearms when I was about seven years old; and before that, I was pursuing aluminum cans and cardboard boxes with an airgun,” said Carter. “Usually after school either my dad, stepfather or grandfathers would take me hunting until I became old enough to go by myself. That was about the same time I became a trapper as well, which I continue to this day.”

Before Carter’s career began with the NRA, he volunteered as an EMT in Fauquier County, and worked as a police officer in Prince William County, Va. During this period, he was selected as the assistant editor for Shooting Illustrated, and later became the managing editor for American Rifleman (current position).

“Aaron exemplifies everything we look for in a candidate for this award,” said Jon LaCorte, senior product marketing manager for Nikon Sport Optics. “Ian was very special to the Nikon family, and we are honored to present this award to someone as deserving as Aaron. Not only does he possess excellent communication skills, but he has grown up living the life as a true sportsman, a public officer and an educator. We know Ian would be proud that Aaron has been selected for this year’s award.

McMurchy was a huge force in educating and entertaining shooters and hunters around the world while teaching them how to enjoy their passion even more. The passion and knowledge of the outdoors and shooting sports that Carter has, makes him a qualified candidate for this award. Carter carries that tradition forward through his print and online work.

“It’s difficult for me to comprehend that I’ve received such a prestigious award, especially since I’m being honored for simply doing what I enjoy,” said Carter. “Few things are more pleasurable to me than challenging myself to write an authentic piece that not only entertains readers, but also educates them. I demand that each review or article provide something everyone will take from it. Ian did the same; he knew a range of subjects with extraordinary detail, yet he could convey the information so that even novice readers could learn from it. He was an expert at doing so, and that’s no easy task. Best of all, his writing maintained your interest throughout the entire article.”

Past recipients of the Ian McMurchy Award include:

2012—Greg Rodriguez, Intermedia
2011—Andrew McKean, Outdoor Life magazine
2010—Scott Olmsted, American Hunter magazine

Image courtesy Nikon

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