“Don’t tread on me” was a slogan featured along with a picture of a rattlesnake on one of the battle flags of the Republic of Texas. The new Rocky snake boot allows you (even unintentionally) to step on a rattlesnake and fear no harm. “This 16-inch snake boot is built on the Rocky Mobility Level 2 system that’s snake proof and waterproof, featuring Gore-Tex,  and has the Snake Guard Extreme system built into the boot,” Sam Bowman, spokesman for Rocky Brands, reports. “These most-flexible snake boots on the market can be bent all the way down, put in your pack and carried with you, yet only weigh about 1.25 pounds per boot. The retail price on the Snake Guard Extreme boot will be about $279.” Now, I don’t know whether you’ve ever been struck by a snake or seen someone attacked by a snake. Even though these new boots from Rocky Brands will keep the snake from actually biting you, if the snake strikes, as soon as you feel or see the snake, you’ll want to put distance between you and that fanged viper. These boots are so light and so flexible you’ll be able to go a long ways quickly, even through water. Whether you’re turkey hunting this spring or bowhunting next fall, both optimum times for encountering snakes across much of the U.S., take a look at these new Snake Guard Extreme boots in the Realtree APG pattern from Rocky that are unlike any-other snake boot I’ve ever seen.

Image by John Phillips

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