The Filson Rugged Twill Sportsman’s bag has been one of the brand’s most popular items for some time. This year, Filson has added features that have taken inspiration from some of their hunting styles. A large front-loading flap pocket has been added that resembles a game compartment on a hunting bag. Although this bag has the look of a hunting bag, it is quite a bit lighter due to the use of the oil-finished tin cloth material used on this bag. But even though it is lighter in weight, this is still one tough bag that will protect your gear from the elements because of the oil-finished fabric.

The Sportsman’s Bag also has a u-shaped two-way zipper to give you access to the interior of the bag. In addition, there are moveable dividers on the inside of the bag so you can customize it to fit the gear you are carrying. The hunting look is further accented by the use of the blaze-orange panels on the outside of the bag. Check out the Sportsman’s Bag at

Image courtesy Bob Robertson

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